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    Two young adult male kittys need a new home. We rescued them at a fire a few weeks ago and I was called by the vet last week that they could now leave. We paid for their shots and to be fixed and their little burns fixed but I can't keep them. I have enough saved animals as it is and my crew isn't happy with the new additions. Anyone need to firehouse cats that think they are puppies? Please let me know. Thank you

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    First off, I'm not a firefighter. But without me, "The Pride Don't Ride".

    If you are one of the "Pride", then you may need to take a step back, and re-read what you posted, as your first.

    Quote Originally Posted by boscochick
    We are all brothers and sisters here and we out there to protect and save lives not bitch and complain about who is right and who is wrong and who knows better and so on. You all sound like abunch of whiney bitches at a bitch fest. Grow up and act like an adult already. There is not one of us who knows more than the other. We all took the same training and do the same job and that is to save lives and put out fires. You sound like punks in a alley. Bunch of sissys if you ask me.

    Your comment had no place or value in that thread. In fact, it showed your ignorance, for the safety of your "brothers and sisters".

    And now you want someone here to adopt a couple kitties??? Good luck with that. First impressions on a forum, make you as you are.


    EDIT: Just now noticed the date of the original post. Sorry all.
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