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    Default Hi from North-Western Kentucky!!

    Hello fellow EMT's,Paramedics and Firefighters!! I'm new to this forum, so a little(ok, a lot) about myself and my family:

    Ive been in EMS for 7 years. Several years ago, I worked as an aid in a nursing home and loved taking care of people, except that I got too close to the residents and when one would pass on, it affected me too deeply, so I resigned. Then, 6 years ago, I was working in the kitchen of a local factory and was in the middle of a divorce after 15 years. Sort of as a "coming out", I embarked on a road I'd always wanted to travel, but couldn't, due to a non-supportive spouse. I guess you could say I had a "God experience". I found God, and subsequently found my calling in life. I joined our county rescue squad, whose mission is only extrication, and water/land search and rescue, but has no medical mission. I knew absolutely zilch about those things, so the Squad sent me for extensive training. Although I loved doing all of that (and still do) it just wasn't "enough" to scratch the itch I had. Something about cutting a person out of a vehicle, or finding them in the woods, or fishing them out of the river, but then handing them to someone else to treat, nope, that just didn't cut it for me, but I didn't know what else to do, so I just settled for that for the time being. About a year and a half after that, this man walks into the factory kitchen, and we almost immediately fell for each other. He had/has worked in the factory for several years, was/is Chief of the factory's Fire Brigade and Medical Response Team, was/is an EMT part-time with a local ambulance service, and was/is Safety Officer on a local fire dept. Whew! Let me tell you, I was blown away by this man! He was, is and always will be a true-blue hero in my eyes. He would stop in on his lunch breaks to visit and we'd talk while I was cleaning for his whole hour-long break, every day! We didn't begin dating until about 6 months later though. Mostly because Im not a forward female, and wouldn't ask him, and he was too shy to ask me. He said "I thought you were out of my league and would never say yes." But one night, he did get up the nerve to call and ask me to go have coffee, and from that moment on, we were inseperable. One of the things we talked about, of course, was EMS. He knew how I felt, and kept encouraging me to go back to school to get my EMT cert. After a few months, he finally convinced me that I could do it, and so I did. I have found almost as much fulfillment doing this as I do in being a mom. I will forever be grateful to him for that. Well, about 3 years after that first date, we got married. Now, three years into marriage, we both work EMS, I full-time, he, part-time, and sometimes as partners! We have a 21 yo son (from hubby's previous marriage) who is a certified volunteer firefighter, but working on a Fire Science degree, to pursue firefighting professionally. We have a 17 yo daughter (from MY previous marriage) who is a Junior Firefighter with 46 hours toward being a certified firefighter. She starts EMT classes this month, on her way to a career as a Flight Medic. We have a 15 yo daughter (also mine) who is pretty sure she wants to follow in our footsteps. And then we have a 25 yo daughter (his) and an 18 yo daughter (mine) who, well, we're not sure what happened to them, except that neither of them can stand the sight of blood, and they both possess the urge to run from fire, but one is working on a teaching degree, the other a degree in social work. And in September '08, we were blessed with our first grandbaby (the 25yo who, by the way, married, guess what? YES, a Firefighter!) Hopefully before long we will sport 3 generations of Firechasers! So, yeah, Im finished now. That's me and my family in a nutshell. Hope I haven't bored you to death!

    ~~Would you like to talk to the Paramedic in charge or the EMT who knows what's going on?"~~

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Brady Lewis
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