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    Quote Originally Posted by Quint23 View Post
    The point was you will make the national news if something happens to the people (FF and citizens) who have put their lives in your hands. Which you do when you do have a accident with an apparatus. I guess your crew members are not very important? We have had your type before. They seem to find other lines of work.

    You must of made the news before with that remark.
    My crew members are not important? Do you read the stuff you comment on or just spew? My type? You have no clue.

    I was commenting on the way the Secret Service drives when they have the president on board. If that rankles you, fine. However, I don't see how that warrants a personal attack. Apparently you do. I'll bet you are one big bundle of joy at work.

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    The way that they drive the POTUS is full out with all intersections blocked and no traffic on the road at all. It would be hard to hit something or have it hit you. Nice in a perfect world, but as you know we are not part of it.

    Change the above to quote to read:

    2. Taking your new granddaughter home from the hospital. If something happens you will live with it for the rest of your life and so will others.

    My apologies for all that had to endure this thread.
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