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    Red face Totally Weird: Ohio?


    Ohio, the WTF State

    Ohio 4-year-old boy shoots babysitter for stepping on his foot.

    By ELIZABETH BOUGEROL Updated 9:29 AM EST, Thu, Jan 8, 2009

    You're just racking up the crazy, Ohio.

    Dear Ohio,

    Ohio, seriously, what's up with all the crazy?

    Happy New Year! New York here. Just thought we'd drop a line because we've been reading your headlines and, well, we're a little concerned.

    You've been such a good state, Ohio. You've got some quality football, you've got Cincinnati chili -- hell, you've even got the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! You're on a roll!

    So why are you trying to be the new Florida, the state where all the crazy happens? Because you're just racking up the crazy, Ohio. First there was the old lady suing her neighbors -- who had her arrested for confiscating the ball their kid kept tossing into her yard -- and now we hear that a 4-year-old in Jackson shot his babysitter for stepping on his foot.

    Seriously, Ohio? Okay, so the victim only suffered "minor wounds to his arm and side," but shouldn't babysitting -- which, last time we checked, paid like $7 an hour in Jackson -- be a gig with zero risk of being shot by one's charge? What the hell is a 4-year-old doing with a gun, Ohio? The kid barely knows how to operate his Pull-Ups!

    Seriously, we're worried. Call us. Collect.


    New York

    Copyright NBC Local Media / NBC Washington
    It's Here: The First Stupid Lawsuit of '09!

    Elderly Ohio woman arrested for confiscating a kid's ball is suing her neighbors

    By ELIZABETH BOUGEROL Updated 11:06 PM EST, Tue, Jan 6, 2009

    The first notable stupid-lawsuit was filed by an 88-year-old woman who says she suffered emotional distress when her neighbors had her arrested after she refused to return a football that their kid kept flinging into her yard.

    The new Great Depression may put a swift end to spending, mortgages, jobs, ice cream, ponies, and the happiness of all mankind, but you know what just keeps chugging along like the Energizer Bunny? Stupid, hair-trigger litigiousness! Totally impervious to recession!

    The first notable stupid-lawsuit item of the new year comes to us from Blue Ash, Ohio, where an 88-year-old woman (or is she 89? Make up your mind, Ohio.com) -- whose neighbors had her arrested for theft after she refused to return a football that their kid kept flinging into her yard -- is now suing said neighbors because the whole thing has caused her "emotional distress."

    The boy's parents are worried because they have five kids and can't afford a lawyer (maybe they should have thought of this when they had their elderly neighbor frogmarched down to the Blue Ash precinct over a football? Just saying).

    And they probably should be worried, because 1) if there's one thing 88- (or 89-)year-olds have nothing but time and energy for, it's holding petty grudges, and 2) the plaintiff's name is Edna Jester, so you just know she's a tenacious bundle of crochety old-lady business like that upstairs neighbor in the awful Ben Stiller/Drew Barrymore real-estate "comedy" Duplex.

    Copyright NBC Local Media / NBC New York
    Boy, 4, shoots babysitter for stepping on his foot

    Tue Jan 6, 3:29 pm ETJACKSON, Ohio Police say an angry 4-year-old Ohio boy grabbed a gun from a closet and shot his baby sitter. Nathan Beavers, 18, was hospitalized Sunday with minor wounds to his arm and side after the shotgun attack. Police say another teen was also injured.

    Witnesses told police the child was angry because Beavers accidentally stepped on his foot. Beavers was watching the child at a mobile home in Jackson with several other teenagers and several other children.

    Jackson County Sheriff John Shashteen says authorities are investigating. The child has not been charged.

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    Cameron 35 minutes ago I am proud to say I was raised in Jackson Ohio. Yes, we had our share of crazy happenings in the news, but what city or state doesnt? Most of us grew up, got jobs, live normal lives, and still go back home to visit our families - even our crazy in-laws. I guarentee the majority of them are educated enough to know better than use WTF in the local newspaper as a heading! As for the boy, I'm sure most of those who has small children realize they act rash and dont realize the consequences. Especially after they see Elmer Fudd shooting Daffey Duck repeatedly? The Transformers? Any toon with guns that target the small audiences dont show the real after effects so how is a child to know? Thats where the parents are to come in.

    ScottNJ 37 minutes ago Wow. First, Vai wanting to fight Jose Canseco is news, and now WTF? I've worked in broadcast journalism for 25 years. Very obvious that this network is using the TMZ/Fox approach to creating content to justify ad sales and rates. Remember folks, it's not about reporting news..it's about grabbing viewers to sell ads, content comes second.

    NBC 44 minutes ago NBC, the WFT online local news site. That team of editorial monkeys is obviously running out of bananas.

    WTF 45 minutes ago get over it, grow up people

    mjb Today at 8:58 AM I agree. Really read the article to see if there was some other explanation for WTF than what I thought the letters meant.

    MD Today at 8:46 AM I concur with DVC, TG & BuckeyeGirl. It appears that NBC Washington has chosen to save employment costs by hiring the most unprofessional, biased writers it can find.

    BuckeyeGirl Today at 8:15 AM I'm with you TG... to use the term "WTF" in a news story is INCREDIBLY unprofessional. Plus, what's with knocking Ohio? Crazy stuff happens in every state... what about all the nonsense that happens in the District? Ms. Bougerol must be from Michigan and have some personal vendetta against Ohio. This "news" story is garbage.

    TG Today at 6:41 AM DVC I'm with you, what is happening to our world. How can a news agency use 'WTF' and believe that it is acceptable. If this is a sign of the times, I'm not ready to accept it. It's time to stop this type of news delivery in its tracks. The headline totally angered me. The story it was reporting was just as disturbing to me. Someone needs to get this kid some help before he becomes an adult and turns into a lifetime criminal. They say it starts in the young.

    DVC Today at 5:48 AM Ohio, the "WTF" state? Talk about screwed up...Now it's ok to use the "WTF" letters on a public website? Is using the "F" word now so common that it can be tossed around for all ages to read? I guess it's ok in 'NEW YORK". Come to think of it I saw the n word barely bleeped out a couple of days ago from some racist bloggers on this very same website. Is there no web moniter on this big time news channel? And you think it's weird for a four year old to act like a grown up!

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