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    Default New Jersey Firefighter Exam

    Hi all,

    I saw on the New Jersey Dept. of Personnel website that they plan to announce in Feb. the Firefighter Entry Level Exam, to be given sometime in the Fall of 2009? Does anyone know with the way the economy is running if any cities are planning on hiring within the next year or two, or if any cities are anticipating a large number of retirements? I realize this is a ways off. Also does anyone know if any of the fire depts in NJ that fall under Civil Service do not have a residency requirement or preference?
    Thanks for any and all help, much appreciated.

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    it is my understanding from when i talked to personnel that if you want Camden you have to live in Camden. Some other cities require you to be a resident but some only require the borough. I would give them a call and ask your specific question. The good part about their civil service is that you have to move there before the application deadline. Some other civil service states require you to reside there at least a year PRIOR to examination. Good luck.

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    Trenton NJ is flirting with downsizing the department right now. Even hearing rumors of them doing away with the Rescue company. I would also imagine some people are going to be putting off their retirements due to the present economy, although inevitably some will retire. I believe the only department in the state that hires purely off the state list is Burlington City. Only problem being that as far as I know they have a few fire inspectors and no other career staff. Basically everywhere else in NJ that is civil service has residency preference and it's more or less impossible to get hired if you don't live there. Also, take into account our current situation with the military, there is a large supply of veterans who will go to the top of the list as long as they pass the tests. There are probably 20 or so career departments in the state that are not civil service however most are small and don't hire much.

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    Best chances of being hired off a list is to go to large cities like Newark, Jersey City, and NHRFR (north hudson regional fire rescue). These cities have a large number of firefighters and pretty much every year they hire. One thing you should know is that this is a very long and stressful process, however I imagine that it makes you feel that much better when you finally get certified and go through the academy. These jobs are getting harder and harder to get because of the perception of job security. While many of the large cities rarely lay off guys, cities like Harrison have alreay certified people off the list and had to cancel their academy because of the budget restrictions. Choose wisely, like I said you cant go wrong with the large cities. If you are interested in Jersey City let me know I might be able to help you out with a place. Good luck

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    i am interested in going to new Jersey for ff/emt can you send info to my email ryanh11@live.com..

    Thank You so much

    FF Ryan Hughes

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    Default Hate to bring up a dead post but....

    Was curious if you are required to be a NJ State resident to take the FF Exam? I know some states do not require state/local residency until date of hire.


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