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    Post Rear mount pumps: like em or hate em

    I've used them before in the dept. I started with, when I moved I joined another dept. they have top and side mount. we might be in the market for a new piece this year or next depending on the bean counters. I brought up the idea to some of the guys and well you know how change in the fire service goes. lookin for some feed back..

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    Post Nope..........

    I've never used one, at least not on a FD Class A Pumper. When I worked for the Forest Service, our rigs had pumps mounted on the Rear, and they were OK for that application. My problem with a FD Pump is that the Discharges/Intakes need to be located somewhere that the operator isn't. A Dept near me has ALL Lines coming off the Rear. Their Pump panels are in the conventional place on the Driver's side. Their Drivers do not have to climb over charged lines, duck when another preconnect is pulled, and so on.
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    I like the idea of a rear-mount with the panel at the rear. This gives you the ability to view the fireground while still keeping an eye on the pump. The downside of this is it exposes the operator if/when you work on a busy roadway.

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    I've never used one, but I love the idea of a rear mount with a right side operator's panel.

    It also makes more sense as the tank is pushed further forward, sharing it's load with the front axle.
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