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    Default Looking for Exchange partner to New Zealand from Canada

    Hi, I am a firefighter in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada hoping to find an exchange partner in New Zealand for a one year exchange. I must begin the exchange before the end of 2009 otherwise permission from my brigade expires. If anyone knows of a potential candidate could they please notify me @ rparry277@hotmail.com.
    Ryan Parry

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    Hey mate,
    I cant help directly with this, but you'l need to get in contact with an officer at National HQ and deal through them, as i dont believe that it will be just as simple as finding someone to transfer with, alot of it will come down to experience, security, medical etc...

    contact details;

    National Headquarters (Office of the Fire Service Commission, Chief Executive, National Commander, National Headquarters, National Rural Fire Authority)
    Level 9, AXA Centre, 80 The Terrace
    Address: PO Box 2133 WELLINGTON
    Phone: (04) 496 3600
    Fax: (04) 478 1603

    country code = 0064 (i think)

    Email: queries@fire.org.nz

    or you could even try the recruitment email line;

    hope some of this helps a little bit and good luck.

    - Dave

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    Sorry I can't help you but I would be interested to know how you go.


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    Default would you consider Melbourne, Australia instead?

    Hey mate did you have any luck with finding an NZ exchange. I knew a bloke from Whistler who went to NZ in the last few years his name was Al (don't know any more)
    If you want to come to Melb thoygh my family and I are looking. Or if you have any one who comes after you pass on this link.

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    Default Exchange Opportunity

    Hey, I'm still looking to get to Australia or New Zealand. Let me know if you hear of anyone. Thanks

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    Default Exchange to Australia

    I am a firefighter in cambridge Ontario Canada, I am looking for an exchange Australia or New Zealand. If any one is interested in exchanging please contact me
    Chris Odoherty

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