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Thread: Jacked Up!!!

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    Default Jacked Up!!!

    I am so excited to start my new career. 35 year old Honda Sales Manager ready for change. I am currently 4 months away from graduating Fire School and taking on Emt at same time which no one thinks I can do. Has anyone accomplished the task and any advice?

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    The two together will be hard... not saying it cant be done, I would have recomended doing them a little apart. But hay if you can handle it why not. Be carefull so you dont get burned out though, are you paid or voly? reason asking in the voly world alot of times guys run in guns smoking then they get so overwhelmed with evey thing they have done they drop off the face of the world. Good for you about being excited its a great thing to do you will make great friends have good times you should love it! Congrats buddy..
    Garbage men dont get excited when they turn the corner and see a pile of garbage awaiting them. Nor should we get excited to see a house on fire. Its our job, remember your training and keep your cool.

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    Good luck with your mission. Im a 34 year old contractor with 4 months left at my academy. Our class B.C is going to be taking the final semester of fire academy along with the EMT class, I thought about it but didnt want to subject my self to all the class work. Good luck

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    Hello, welcome and good luck!

    Brady Lewis
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