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    Hey guys I need some words of advice. Back in September I got transferred from one the busiest stations in the city to one of the slowest. Itís killing me but in the mean time I have gotten my paramedic and ems instructor cert and I am working on my live burn cert. It feels like I am trying to stay positive and do things that benefit the department but the slow station is killing me. Recently we got a new chief that has said the transferred will be no more so now I am a young firefighter stuck at a slow station. Anyone have some advice on this subject.
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    I was once transferred to the slowest house in my FD. I used the time to study... got promoted to LT! That station is now the 2nd busiest out of the three we have!
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    Just for some context, how slow are we talking about? How big a difference is this?

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    My advice would be to take a typing/spelling class while at that slow station.

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    That's funny, and true!!

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    burns, slow stations are not a bad thing. use this to your advantage to keep your head in the books, train with your crew, and learn your "new" first in area. learn the pump tables, work with the truck...ect. i too was moved from a busy station to a slow one, it was a nice change. i was able to study more and learned a lot of different ways to do different things. another thing i liked about being at a slow station was if an alarm of fire came in, 9 out of 10 times it was a burner. keep you head up burns, let the new chief have time to settle in. everyone has pulled time at a station they didn't want to be at. you are still young in the department, keep your studies up for the next engineers test. be safe!

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