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    Default Scott EPIC Voice Amp

    Does anyone have and exprience using the new Scott EPIC Voice Amps, if so and pros or cons. We are currrently using the AV-2000 Scott Facemasks and we have the old voice amps and just looking for something new. Any info would be helpful, thank ya'll

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    Smile EPIC Voicemitters

    You had requested some information on the SCOTT EPIC Voicemitters..The new voice amplifier is much like the older version however SCOTT has improved a few things. Our department just had a SCOTT rep visit our station and he brought this product out for us to take a look at.

    The new voicemitter has a much better design as the speaker is now pointed out to the front rathere then tot he side. The on/off button is a lot nicer and can be turned on/off with a gloved hand. The voicemitter is intrinsically safe and the battery compartment has been reworked to use three AAA batteries. The battery door has one screw and is water sealed. The voicemitter also has an automatic shut off feature, after twenty minutes of inactivity it will shut down to save battery life. Typical length of use is twelve hours of continious use. The rework on the deisgn did not change the weight it is about the same as the older version. If you recall the older model has the D-clip molded as part of the housing and if it breaks you would need to purcahse a brand new unit..another nice addition on the new model is the D-clip is esialy replaced if broken. There are three screws that hold it to the voicemitter. Hope this info helps! You should call SCOTT to see if they can send a Rep out to you so you can check them out..Ask them to leave you a couple to play with!

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