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    Default Looking For Decon Feedback

    Hello Everyone,
    This is my first post to Firehouse. I am not a firefighter, I work for a company that builds Mobile Command Centers, Haz Mat, Surveillance, and Search and Rescue vehicles. But I am not here for a shameless plug for our company, I would like to add a Decontamination Trailer or Vehicle to our list. I have been doing a lot of research and looked at tons of pictures and read tons of specifications. What I would like to start off asking is for those of you that use these, what are the drawbacks to them. Generator to small, Mixer valve doesnt work right, not enough water flow, to hard to clean after. Also, if you were going to design one how would you do it? What do you really like about your current unit. I would really appreciate any feedback.
    I am a little concerned that people might read this and think I am just trying to sale our product, while I would love to, it doesnt really work that way. Those in purchasing understand the process, there's red tape, the bidding process and more red tape.
    If anyone has questions about the building process, let me know I try to answer any questions about it.
    Charlie S.

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    Hey Charlie...

    All of this, is of course, my opinion. That said...

    Decon is usually not by itself for the majority of entities either industrial or municipal. It's associated with the overall hazardous material operation. For example... A Nasty Chem Inc. truck spills chemical X and Podunk, USA responds and requests Superclean Inc. to help out and then Nasty Chem sends it's crew out as well. The decon part is cleaning up the responders and equipment and is part of the entire process.

    Second situation is mass civilian decon. Say Nasty Chem Inc. sprays chemical X all over a bus load of nuns. Cleaning up the nun's would be decon.

    Another aspect would be deconing, or cleaning to be simple, equipment (other than the responder's), vehicles, road ways, whatever. With commercial companies that specialize in cleaning up chemical boo-boo's and the reality that they spec out and stock usually on their own, going for a turn key unit for cleaning up may be a waste of effort.

    I guess what I am saying is what is the focus of the rig you are putting together and what would you predict the capability of. It may work better to spec it out backwards. "This unit will decon 25 nun's and will provide support equipment for 10 responder's." You would stock equipment based on that expectation.

    I've been doing the HAZMAT thing for awhile and maybe be able to get you in the ball park but I would need more specific information and a realistic expectation of what you want the unit to capable of.

    BTW... Welcome to Firehouse

    Be safe, R2

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    Default Overkill

    With the one possible exception of a major (and I mean major) incident we don't use these at all. The main problems with them is that they are expensive, take up space, and take time to set up (and take apart). The same goal (decon) can almost always be accomplished with some simple & inexpensive "Wal-Mart Tech." - Kiddie pools and tire/wheel brushes. And in the case of the above mentioned major event, there will be a lot of deconning going on & these items can't handle the load.

    Can you design & sell these? Absolutely!! And with the right sales staff, you can make a lot of money doing so. Grant funds don't address "Wal-Mart Tech.". In my opinion, if your goal is to sell a product, your design features should be tailored more toward the grant specs as defined by bean counters, engineers and bureaucrats - none of whom would actually be using these items.
    One small piece of advice I can offer (as a good selling feature - not because it's really such a wonderful idea in reality) is to color code the connections (green connects to green, red connects to red, etc.)

    Follow the cash and good luck my friend!!

    To echo R2 - all of this is my opinion.

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