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    Default Fixed-blade knives?

    Does anyone carry a fixed-blade knife on their turnout gear? If so, how do you fasten it? I've got an Ed Martin Firefighters Knife which I love, but I'm sure the best way to carry it.

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    Do you really want to carry a $200+ knife and risk losing/ruining it?

    If you want a fixed blade to carry, I'd recommend a small dive knife. Much, much cheaper and just as (if not more) useful, not to mention dive sheaths make them easier to carry as well as to deploy.
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    I use a "River Knife" - a small, blunt-tip dive knife with serrations on one side of the blade and a straight edge on the other. It has a hard plastic sheath that the knife snaps into and will hang from. This is on the outside of my turnout coat where I can get at it in a hurry, so I bought a low-cost one (about $20). That way if it's damaged or lost it's no big deal.

    This is the knife you can see in my avatar, hanging next to my SCBA shoulder strap. It's placed so it doesn't interfere with the SCBA harness and can be accessed in a hurry.
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