Hello all. I just have a couple of straightforward questions relative to being disqualified from becoming a firefighter. If I would be applying, it would be for LA County or for the City of Long Beach.

First, ten years ago I had brain surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumor. I'm totally fine now, but do need to have MRI's every other year. Would this disqualify me?

Second, I chose to resign from my previous employer while under investigation for misuse of a company discount. Basically, I attempted to apply a family discount to a friend and denied it when questioned by HR. I wasn't terminated, I resigned.

Third, I have 20/90 and 20/60 uncorrected vision that is 20/15 in both eyes when I have glasses on. I plan on getting lasik soon to ditch this problem.

Outside of that, I have a flawless record, I'm a college graduate with a degree in political science, and I'm currenty employed as a manager for a nationwide wholesale company. Would it be worth the effort for me to begin the application process, or am I just hoping too high?

Any honest feedback is appreciated.