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    Default Career Advancement: Resident, or Paid?

    Hey fellas,
    So I'm presently a firefighter/EMT with a smaller volunteer department (though we do not run EMS calls; I just have the card). I'm working on my fire degree and eventually, medic school. I decided to move up the ladder some and applied at a nearby department with a Resident Firefighter program...they're busier than we are around here, and they run EMS calls, so I figured it'd be good experience. The catch is, it doesn't pay.

    So I was accepted and my processing date is next week. But then my current Chief calls me and tells me that a Firefighter-EMT position just opened up at the next district over from us. They're not a very busy department compared to the one I was accepted to, with the exception that they do a -lot- of Critical Care patient transfers. If I went there, that'd be my main responsibility. And the big thing, it comes with a paycheck.

    I don't think I could do both. The residency requires 10 shifts a month, is about 60 miles away, and the job nearby is full time. It sounds like I could have a fairly decent shot at getting it. Should I put in for it and forget the Residency if accepted? What's the better option here, taking career advancement in to consideration?

    I'm sort of leaning towards the paid job, because it would get me some EMS experience while letting me continue my education and make considerably better money than I'd get from working at a gas station part time or something. What would you guys recommend?


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    Paycheck, paycheck, paycheck. Get your foot in the door and you can lateral out later if you don't like it...or heck, you might find out you love the department. Paid spots don't come up everyday...resident positions are a dime a dozen.

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    I don't think we know enough detail about the two opportunities to adequately form a good opinion. Ultimately, it's a decision that you have to make about what's best for you.

    I'm assuming the "resident" program is like the "live-in" programs around here where you live at the fire station and run calls in return for not paying rent/utilities type of thing.

    Maybe a way to help you decide is how important is the paycheck aspect of this? Do you need the money to pay your bills and survive or is it more of a convenience to have the income? If you need the money, could you do the resident program and work a "regular" job for the income you need?

    Hopefully this'll be of some help for you. Good luck.

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    Please, don't be offended, but a shot at getting a job doing mostly critical care transport....and you have 0 actual experience in EMS? Sounds to me like they are looking for someone to drive the bus. I think you'll be disappointed there.
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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    No one here can tell you what you should do.

    You do what you want to do and what you feel is right for you.

    Good luck in your adventures.
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    I have to agree with Bones here. Critical Care transport, is usually either a trained critical care medic, or a critical care medic, and either RN, or PHRN. The EMT will help some, but does very little in terms of patient treatment. Too much to do outside of the basic scope of practice in most areas.

    As others have said, go with your gut, and what you want. I can't tell you where you will be happiest, and neither can they. Just get all the info you can about the two different places, and then decided where you WANT to be.

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    As the other posters have said, the critical care transport might be a little different that you are anticipating it to be. But what do we know, your the one who is familiar with both places.

    If I were in that situation I would put in for both and make the decision when the time comes to go one way or another. Don't bank on the fact that you'll get the paid job and not put in for other one. If you end up starting the resident job and only stay a couple weeks before having to leave for the paid job, so what? I'm sure when you explain your situation to that department most will be understanding, if not then so what, it's your decision, not theirs.

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