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    Default I/O Solutions EMT exam

    So I'm taking the publicsafety.com test along with an EMT portion for KCM1. I took this test last year and although I finished in the top five on the hiring list I did poorly on the EMT test. I spoke with the MSO and he told me that the high score on the EMT test was around 92. Anyways, I study various things and they say the test is based around DOT standards has anybody taken this exam or will? What are you using to study? I've seen a couple of exam websites but not sure I think $40 is worth practice questions.......
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    I am also taking the tests, but it is my first time. I am just using my notes and books from school, as well as a general EMT study book (the 40 dollar practice questions), so I guess I am not much help.
    I do have a question for you though. I have no reference to what scores get people on to the next step in the testing process (obviously the higher the better). You obviously did quite well last year, so I was curious if you would share what scores you got last year on the general knowledge test and EMT test.
    Good luck and I appreciate the info.
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    Hey, so typically they'll take the top 30 to 40 canidates to the next phase beyond the written test. From what I heard during the practical test around 140 or so people applied last year and around 90 something actually passed the written, theses are rough as I don't remember the exact numbers but it was around something like that.

    Passing is 70 I scored only a 85 combined score which I thought for sure would eliminate me from the test but it was good enough to get me thru, fortunately my practical and interviews went well and I was able to compensate for my poor written score but unfortunately wasn't enough in the end.

    It is a progressive elimination process where the final eligibility list was eight people last time. Looks like they are looking for four people this year..Good Luck

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