Hello everybody. I'm new year hoping to learn more about a possible career. I've always been interested in this line of work but have thought more about it as I've gotten older.

I'm 26 years old and I will have my associates degree in business after this spring semester. Which is one reason I'm considering the fire department more everyday. I just don't think I'm ready to go onto a 4 year college considering I'd be 30-31 by the time I graduate. I go part-time because I work full time. I've been at the same job for 9 years now.

The part that intrigues me about the fire department is I've always had a nature of helping people. Whether it be something simple or hopefully one day being something great. I get a satisfaction out of life knowing I helped somebody. I don't like doing the same thing everyday. I like learning new things and experiencing new things. I feel that a job in an office could get boring but with the fire department everyday can be a new adventure.

I want my job to mean something. I want to look back when I'm 70 years old and know I made a difference instead of just having some desk job.

Money is not a factor for me. I know fire men where I live will never make 6 figures and that's fine with me. I'd rather be doing okay and happy than rich and unhappy.

I think it's great how firemen become families in their own. I'd love to make some life long friendships with other people who have some of the same values in life as myself. Not saying I want to be a firemen because of tv shows but just watching shows like Rescue Me and seeing how the firemen bond together is something I'd love to be a part of.

I do have a couple questions.

I know an associates is not much compared to a bachelors but can an associates degree be a benefit when applying in most cities for the fire department?

How much is height a factor in becoming a fire fighter? I'm about 5.5-5.6 feet tall. I am in great shape though. Never smoke, never drank up until a few months ago and realized I'll probably never be a drinker.

Thanks in advance.