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    Default Survivair SCBA cylinder valve

    I have a 4500 Carbon Fiber Survivair SCBA cylinder that has some damage to the clear plastic lenses that covers the gauge. It appears to be a small hairline crack from perhaps another spare cylinder hitting it. I have called a few different Survivair service centers and have gotten a few different answers on the situation so I thought I would ask them here.

    1. Is the tank safe to refill as it is currently empty?

    2. Is this a repair that I complete myself as it appears I only have to remove the two encap screws and then replace the lense.

    3. The bottle was just hydro'd in October, but should the bottle be hyro'd again after the repair is complete to be certain.

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    1) The lens merely protects the gauge. Without actually seeing it, I would say you could probably continue to fill and use the cylinder. If the crack is large enough, or gets larger, it could allow moisture to get in, which could cause you problems later.

    2)You are correct - it is a simple repair - if you can find a service center that will sell you a lens. (do you have any old cylinders laying around?)

    3) Hydro will not be necessary. Cylinders are hydro'd with the valves removed, so it is a moot point.

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