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    Default Help In Missouri Needed

    School Board is trying to pass a bond to add on to current highschool and house the grade school and a new gym all under one roof. So far there has been no mentioned or to what has been mentioned is we don't need to sprinkle the building. If anyone out there can direct me to rules, laws, ect in Missouri that deals with public building I would appreciate it. I've been spending countless hours going through Missouri Stautes, House and
    Senate Bills, the works. This is in a small rural town of about 250 so there are no city codes. I'm out of time, I will be meeting with the board and supporters of this building project on Sunday January 20. As a firefighter, parent, and a tax payer I have a hard time with spending money on something and not putting the controls in place for safety.

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    I have no knowledge of laws or the specifics of Missouri. However, most states have in place state-level minimum codes. Perhaps even your county has such laws at the county level.

    First determine what if any codes you are expected to follow. With any luck, the state of Missouri, or your county, has adopted (as a minimum) the International Fire Code (2006 edition.)

    Then you need to determine if your municipality had adopted any ordinances that amend the codes adopted by the state or the county. Perhaps Missouri has adopted the IFC, but your county has amended certain provisions, as an example.

    If the State had adopted the International Code Council series of codes, use these three codes as a road map to determine if the building is required to be sprinklered, or even what type of construction it must follow:
    -The 2006 International Building Code (IBC)
    -The 2006 International Existing Building Code (EBC)
    -The 2006 International Fire Code. (IFC)

    Dependant on the size of the existing structure, as well as the type of construction, and the number of occupants (among other specifics), I would suspect that on top of the addition being required to be sprinklered, the existing structure would also have to have sprinklers retrofitted.

    If you have no building codes at all, I dont know what to tell you. You may be in for a fight, or they may agree that sprinklers should be included in the plan. Unfortunately history has shown that politicians and school boards go on the side of cost savings and omit sprinklers.

    Here are some news stories that you may find interesting. Read them in the order that I post them, as they are in chronological order. They may help as "ammunition" in your quest to have the building sprinklered:






    Are you located anywhere near Maysville, Mo?
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