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    Default cold weather rehab

    Im thinking of getting a cold weather rehab kit put together. something like an e-z up tent with sides and either a kerosene heater or torpedo heater. does anyone else have a kit put together? if so, what are you using? thanks

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    My Department just finished a rehab trailer, it was a Haz-Mat Trailer (8x18) that had been replaced by a larger unit. We built a bench and installed a propane radiant wall heater. Put some white board on the wall and hung up a heavy duty flourescent light. The trailer works great, we leave it parked at headquarters and if needed it can be towed to the scene by someone. Weve used it a couple of times already and loaned it to the County Sheriff's Office to be used as a command post for a search incident.

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    Our usual thing is to use units on the Fireground for shelter. We also have access to School busses and Transit busses. One thing to remember about putting a heating device in a tent - Carbon Monoxide. If you have Apparatus with big generators, consider electric heat. One Tip to anyone who does a lot of work in Cold Weather - Put a 1,500w Hair Dryer on each rig that has a 110v generator. Good for thawing out PPE Snaps/Buckles, Hose Couplings, etc.
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    Rotate companies frequently.

    We have the luxury of having spare Turn Outs at a central location, if yours get frozen, stop and pick up some loaners on the way to quarters.

    Water to drink.

    As mentioned in the other thread, keep lots of ice melt or rock salt around. Guys falling and breaking / twisting joints are our biggest issues in cold weather.

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