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    Question Survivor Light Question

    I upgraded to a new Streamlight Survivor and plan on keeping my old one around the house to use. If I store it on the charger so it is always ready will I ruin the battery? It is a 10 year old light with a new battery and bulb. In the past I always charged it on my days off and had it on my coat on the work days. It is a NiCad battery and I don't know about battery memory etc. Any help is appreciated.

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    I have had one for several years that I keep on constant charge. Once a week I take it out and allow it to run all the way down. Keeps the battery "conditioned" and wont allow it to form a memory.
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    Buff has the right idea, we use those in our dept... letting it run all the way down does seem to prevent a memory.

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    Leaving it on the charger all the time is not good for it. Ever notice how warm the case gets when its been sitting on the charger? It was not designed for that kind of abuse and it will probably reduce the battery life significantly.

    You're better off running it down once a week, recharging it fully, and leaving it off the charger.
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