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    Red face Need info about wildland fire academy!!

    i am going to start the 67 hour wildland academy at porterville college in about a month and i need some information about the wildland academy.. i am a pretty big guy and i am a little worid how hard the phshically part of the academy is going to be, and how much you have to run in a caertin period of time.. since the academy starts in a month i am plaing to run and lift more but if there is a certin thing i should be working on please let me know. any information at all would be great thanks.

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    break in your boots! Forget the weights, start hiking hard. Hike once or twice a day 2-4 miles in your boots. Drink a lot of water and get used to start hydrating right when you wake up. Put some weight on your back for the hike too. good luck

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