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    Default Hello, testing for Portland this summer

    Hi all,

    I wanted to start by thanking those that contribute to these forums, it has been a great help and jumping off point for me to gather information. I will be testing in PDX this coming summer using the FireTeam test. I intend to buy the online practice test after I get through all the books that I bought from the book store.

    I have a few firefighter friends, and luckily they are more than willing to help me prep for the interview. I know that getting there requires a high score on the initial test. Im not really worried about the PAC test, but will be altering my already existing training plan and tailoring it more towards what I expect to see, as well as for the Academy.

    Again, thank you for the information found on these forums, I have given my brother a heads up on them as he is testing for ventura co. wildland currently and the wildland discussions here would help him greatly.


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    Hello Dan. Welcome to the forum.

    Brady Lewis
    Spanish 4 Emergencies - FREE Online Spanish Language Training for Emergency Personnel

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    Default thanks, also testing for Tualatin tomorrow

    thanks for the welcome. What a great resource we have here. I'm enjoying all the different areas from hiring to training it has been really helpful. Ill keep at it and one day I will be a firefighter and then I will return the favor to those that are helping all of us that are testing.

    -thank you

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