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    Default Unique or Dangerous?

    If this is better suited for the Fireground Tactics area, please accept my apologizes.

    I work for a career dept that borders a major city in the Southwest part of the country.(I would rather not say the specific department or actual location if that is OK). Let me give you a little background on my department, then I will explain my questions. My department runs 3 stations, 75 or so Operations personnel making up 3 engines(although, 2 are actually quints) and 1 "truck"(that was only named a "truck" for administrative purposes), as well as 2 medics. On a 1st alarm, we get our 3 engines, 1 truck, 2 medics, as well as our BC, then we also get an automatic aid engine and BC from 1 of 2 neighboring cities. Also, normally we run 3 man engine and truck companies, officer, driver and tailboard. Typically one of the medic companies will get bunked out and get the utilities or wait for an assignment, the other medic crew might be RIT. The first 2 companies will only have a officer and tailboard, the 2nd 2 (engine and truck or engine and engine) will take their officer, driver and tailboard. I hope that makes sense.

    Here is the way my shift operates at a fire, there is no SOP or SOG for this, this is just how OUR shift does it, the other 2 shifts? Different. We use a "front yard" command(that's actually what we call it), which is the "truck" Captain. The BC sits in the car down the block(without a Tech or Aide), the BC typically cannot see the fire building, the Captain in the front yard makes all the decisions and assignments, he doesn't have a tech either, he is bunked out, you walk up to him and he will tell you what to do.

    A few members of my shift have pushed for "assignments" or "predesignated assignments", but the officers are 100% opposed to this idea, as(and I quote) "it takes away their decision making ability if we have predesignated riding assignments".

    I am going out on a limb here, and I probably know the answer, but has anyone ever heard of anything even close to this? This is just a tip of the iceberg, 2 of these officers(with 20+ years on the dept) are adamantly opposed to vertical ventilation and went so far to openly say that if a BC gave an order to cut the roof, they would refuse the order. My dept is very pro PPV.

    Now, the other 2 shifts do not operate anywhere close to how my shift does, we were told today that my shift will have to make sure any covering officers or really anyone not normally assigned to our shift is brought up to speed should we go to a fire.

    Is this dangerous having one shift operate 180 degrees differently than the rest of the department? I will be more than happy to clarify any points or add any other info.

    I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for your insight.

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    I posted this 3 days ago and it just showe up now.

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