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    Default Overlapping districts

    Hey all, would like a little input here. Please.

    Our dept. is currently reviewing our bylaws. There was discussion of changing the residency to having to live in the school district not the fire district. Trying to maybe get a couple more people that show up(or not.) The only problem is our school district is quite a bit larger than the fire district, and overlaps some other fire districts. Just wondering if anyone knows any laws(IL) or has any other input on this change.


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    We are set up so that you must live in our district or a neighboring district.

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    nitt87, as far as I know there are no Illlinois laws on residency requirements for volunteer districts in Illinois. As a matter of fact I believe one or two don't have any official residency requirements because it's never been an issue (They may have since changed so I won't swear to it). You can start the research here if you haven't already, Illinois Fire Protection District Act. Might also want to consult your district's attorney. Our department does have an in-fire district residency requirement.

    Also, give some thought to how much help 2 or 3 people may be if they live several miles away or 5+ minutes or more drive time. Are you looking for volunteers to just help with work details, fundraisers, etc. or fire and ems personnel? Those that live too far from the station usually quit responding when they realize they won't get there in time to make a unit. Do you have any mutual aid agreements with Prairie DuPont or Columbia to help during short-staff periods? Would it be possible you would pull persons that are already members of a neighboring district that fall within a proposed school district residency area? What problems might arise from doing so? Just throwing a few thoughts out there.
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    if you allow response to the scene via POV, members in the outskirts of the district can be very useful.

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    When I joined the VFD 15+ years ago, there was a lot of controversy about voting me into the department because I lived in a different county, and my house was about 12 miles from the VFD. They reluctantly voted me in.

    Fast forward to present times, and we have members that live in 5 different counties, and one of them lives 45 minutes away (home response isn't really an option for her!). We've found that when the member wants to be a member of the department, they'll find a way to give their time. Suprisingly, we actually find that some of our top performers are those that don't even live in our first-due area.

    I, for one, believe that if rules exist to ensure that the member who lives outside of your response area meets minimum department standards, does it really matter where they lay thier head at night?
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    Have you looked into requiring firefighter to be able to make it to the station from their house in a certain number of minutes instead of requiring them to live in specific boundaries. That is what my old vol dept did. The city I lived in had a FT dept so I worked for the city next door that was a volunteer dept, you just had to be able to make it to the station within 7 minutes from your house.

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    kprsn1, I looked the Fire Protection Act, I didn't see anything about residency in there. I have though about the time it will take some of the people to get to the FD. Some would be close to impossible on making it others not. Also, do not want people driving fast trying to make a truck that really doesn't have a chance. I guess the reason we are trying to do this is maybe just maybe we might get someone to come help with other things other than fires. We really don't have an issue with people showing up for fires, and I'm sure we are not the only one. We do have mutual aid with neighboring dept's, not a problem at all. It is a definite possibility that we could pull some people from other dept's around us. Iím sure those deptís would not like that very much but then again it is the personís choice what dept. they want to go to. We will not go out and recruit them.

    Box Alarm187, I understand where you are coming from on that comment and youíre right it doesnít matter where they lay their head at night. But we also do not want them to drive crazy to try to make a truck. We do have strict rules about the driving, but they have to be caught doing this and it only takes once to get someone hurt or killed.

    Golzy, We all know someone can make a 12 minute or so drive into a 7 minute drive. As much as I hate to say it happens, but it does.

    Not in any way bashing your guyís ideas/ thoughts just my thoughts on your ideas.

    Thanks for the replies .

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