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    Default Driver operator suggestions anyone?

    I am currently seeking any suggestions, help, information, anything that would help in the formation of a driver operator program for my fire department. We currently have no formal program, and I feel as though we need a program to mentor the younger firefighters interested in the position. Additionally this new program would need to contain an ongoing training program for existing drivers. I have a few ideas, however with myself never having been through a formal program I would like to see what other departments are using and put together a package to submit to the Chief for consideration. Ant help anyone could offer would be a huge help.

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    The first and most important part is safe driving.

    VFIS has some good training programs. http://www.vfis.com/onlinestore.htm

    Also, does your state not have D/O operator standards? They should have some pretty good stuff.
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    My suggestion would be to contact the SC Fire Academy.

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    I would suggest a program consisting of a minimum of the following SC Fire Academy classes:

    1210 Emergency Vehicle Driver Training
    1220 Pump Operations I

    If you can you should also include:

    1221 Pump Operations II

    The above courses are available at a nominal cost of $5 per student so funding should not be an issue. They are long classes though with 1210 and 1220 being 40 hours each and 1221 being 16 hours long.

    I know many volunteer fire departments have Driver/operator positions for older guys or personnel that are not capable for going interior. Make sure that these individuals get a DOT physical. It is slightly less stringent than an NFPA physical but it ensures that they are in adequate physical condition to operate a large emergency vehicle. (hopefully all of your firefighters that are expected to wear an SCBA are getting an NFPA physical)
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