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    Is anyone using the internet for some of their training. I know that there are some companies out there that you and purchase training to do online. If you department is using these how are you manageing it? Is it required? I was thinking that the department can say that the members need to complete a certain amount of online training per quater and this would also mean that 1 time out of the 3 months there would not be an offical department training. I am not discounting the need for everyone to train together but I am thinking that this may make the 8 department monthly training that are held more meaningful.We are a very busy combo department and this day in age some people have 2 jobs and a family we risk losing good people due to the high demands of the department.I am just trying to come up with a way to help relieve some of the pressure. Please give me your input on this.

    Thank you in advance!!

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    We got a free trial for a firefighter safety oriented online training company ("target safety", i think. The software was cool in that we had our own web page on their site, and as the training officer, I was able "assign" certain pre-made classes to my people, and document who completed which classes. I had originally signed up for it with the hopes that it would be a powerpoint type setup that our dept could go through as a group. It wasn't really set up that way. This company had the capability of having me upload my own custom courses, and assigning them to my people. I opened it up to everyone for bonus credits toward our retirement account, and only 2 of the guys did it.

    The software was very well put together, but just wasn't right for us.

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