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    You Old Car/Truck guys will know what that means. This is a story I found in the CFB Esquimalt Base Paper, The Lookout.

    In 1932, Henry Ford introduced the first V-8 engine in the low-priced field. For the next 22 years, Ford was unique among the Big Three in offering this engine in that price range. Not until 1955 did Chevrolet and Plymouth catch up to Ford under the hood.

    Stan Bendle, 85, lives near Kingston, Ontario, and reads this column in the
    local EMC paper. He still remembers the V-8 engine in his 1934 Ford:

    “On September 9, 1946, I joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF),
    stationed first at Trenton, then at Downsview near Toronto. That’s
    when I bought a 1934 Ford V-8 for $300. “Three weeks later, I threw a connecting rod and put a hole in the cylinder wall. Someone told me that if I
    could get a block of hardwood to put into the cylinder and plug the hole,
    the motor might be okay. “I got a piece of wood, removed the head from the motor, hammered the block of wood into the cylinder, and put the head back on. I drove about a mile and the motor shook and vibrated so much, I bought a reconditioned motor and my ’34 Ford V-8 ran well again.

    “In August 1948, I was informed I would be transferred to Calgary. This meant I could not be best man at my brother’s wedding. I put an ad in the Toronto Star for paying passengers and two guys came with me to Calgary. I charged them $20 apiece.

    “My brakes were not very good so I had to start braking well before all the stop signs and traffic lights. Going through the Badlands of North Dakota, I started to hear an awful howl coming from the transmission. We travelled about 25 miles at reduced speed before we found a service station where the transmission was filled with oil and the howling stopped. We reached Calgary without further trouble.

    “Three months later, I was transferred to Edmonton. I remember driving
    there from Calgary. The motor stopped about every 20 miles so I waited about 20 minutes and it would start again. I finally reached Edmonton and found a repair garage. They said my car needed a new coil and they
    put one in.

    “About two weeks later, the Senior Warrant Officer asked me if I had any
    insurance on my ’34 Ford, parked just outside my barrack block. I had to tell
    him I had no insurance. He said to get insurance or remove my car from DND property. I sure couldn’t afford insurance and I had to sell my ’34 Ford

    As a thank you, if your story is published in this column you will receive
    a copy of Bill Sherk’s book “60 Years Behind the Wheel: The Cars We Drove
    in Canada 1900-1960”. To share your stories or photos e-mail or write Bill Sherk, 25 John St., P.O. Box 255, Leamington, ON N8H 3W2.

    Photo credit:

    Alberta bound in a 1934 Ford V-8 Stan Bendle with his 1934 Ford
    V-8 in 1948.
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