Hey there everyone,

I work for a combination department that is in the center of 3 other all volunteer or limited staff departments. I am a Inspector/Investigator who also does PIO work for my agency, and am the only career PIO in my area. We recently started talking about doing a Fire Investigation Team where each agency would send an available person to assist on major fire investigations. I also thought that this would be a great idea to do with PIOs as well. We mutual aid together on calls but have been lacking on our media coverage because crossing district lines for a call was okay, but talking to the media about someone elses call was always taboo. For instance we recently had a water rescue call that should have made big news, but we were late on it because we couldnt decide who should do the media for it. So to improve this we are starting a PIO team so that more PIOs will be available to increase our media coverage compared to the larger all career metro departments that get most of the coverage.

So finally, my question, is anyone doing this...I mean having a PIO Team or sharing PIO's with their neighbors? If so I am looking for advice, rules, SOGs, etc. to get the ball rolling and make this happen.