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    Default Multimedia set-ups/training

    Does anyone have a multimedia set-up in their firehouse for training? I am interested in people that have projectors, laptops, overhead projectors, smart boards, etc that are used for in house training of their firefighters. Let me know what you have and how it is working out for you. Thanks.

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    We have a computer and projector with surround sound.
    Jason Brooks
    IAFF Local 2388

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    Having a projector hooked up to a laptop works great for us. Easy to show online training, YouTube clips, training DVDs, powerpoint, etc.


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    Overhead Projector, desktop computer with switch to hook up laptop from outside agencies, Smart Board, dual televisions with VHS/CD/DVD player.

    So far everything is working great. We use the Smart Board for our aircraft egress pre-briefs as well as Incident Command scenarios utilizing the overhead projector to super impose an aircraft or building on the screen. The Smart Board is great for identifying certain areas during the pre-brief or critique. It allows us to use the "pens" to draw on the board without making any actual marks on it.

    We also use a program that allows us to take photos of facilities from around the base and superimpose fire, smoke, hazardous material leaks etc onto them with the ability to increase or decrease the magnitude as well as run a "script". Again, great tool for scene size up practice as well as Incident Command training.


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    About 2 years Ago I set ours up. It has

    Sony Overhead Projector
    amplifier and speakers
    DVD/VHS player
    High speed internet
    Auto switch system that switches to what video source you want.

    the equipmnt is housed in a metal cabinet mounted on the wall.

    works great we have classes alot

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    Default Training Room

    Here's some photos of our setup. It has:

    Computer with internet access
    Overhead projector w/screen
    ELMO digital projector (lets you lay a magazine or other printed material on the surface and project it through the overhead projector)
    VCR/DVD player
    Sound system hooked to audio outputs of devices, as well as a wireless lapel mic for the presenter, 4 speakers in the corners of the room
    ETIN monitor and computer (county based interactive training network)
    Portable white board with printout capability
    Seating for 50 personnel

    The room and equipment have worked out extremely well for us. We also have used it for joint training with our surrounding mutual aid departments.
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