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    Will Ringer Gloves keep the hands warm in cold temperatures? Does anyone have recommendations for gloves in cold temperatures?


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    I use them and I work in Northern Alberta... I don't think they work any better than any other VX glove. The BBP resistant version might be a bit better just remember to account for the extra stuffing and get a size larger than normal.
    Ian "Eno" McLeod

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    I have never heard of them

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    Talking Ringers

    I agree with Ian. I'm also in northern Alberta and have used Ringers and various others in Rope and VX gloves.
    If you're worried about keeping warm there really is no good solution that will give you warmth without robbing you of dexterity. If you arent tying the knots in TR and just handling rope then I find a larger than normal leather rapell glove like the PMI glove with a light wool glove is as good as you're going to get. Same for VX. In the brutal cold I've used a wool glove inside a larger leather glove.
    It helps but I would never call it "warm". Just not as

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