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    Default Turn out gear/equip. question

    Looking for feedback on how everyone arranges items on their turnouts.
    Mostly looking for glove holder and SCBA mask bag. I am wondering where everyone places these items so that they are handy and not in the way.
    With trying to carry a radio on the right side pocket and a right angle flash light on left front chest does not leave much room for a glove holder and mask bag.
    Just looking for some input.l


    Stay Safe


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    Gloves in pants pockets. Mask bag on the apparatus with the SCBA I'll be using if necessary.

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    I got a strap so they hang from my jacket. And mask bag stays on apparatus unless I need it.
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    glove strap that clips onto the ring on the front of my jacket down low below the SCBA waist strap. Mask is on top of the seat back, I can clip it to my SCBA shoulder harness, yes it makes it hard to get to my radio, but that's life.

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    Gloves in the Coat pocket, Mask bag with the SCBA, Radio in Radio Pocket, Garrity Lite on the Helmet, Coffee Cup in Right Hand. Aide brings everything else to the Command Post as needed.........
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    pocket the gloves, face piece is in a bag during transportation, but is attached to the regulator of the SCBA I'll be using and rides around there.

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    Gloves are on a strap on my jacket. Mask bag is also attached to my jacket just above the radio pocket with a carabiner. The mask bag comes off as soon as I get on the apparatus and the mask is either attached to the regulator or on the dash for a rescue/non-fire call. Rescue gloves in bunker pants pockets.

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    Default Gloves and SCBA mask

    I keep my gloves in my pockets. Right glove in the right coat pocket and left glove in the left coat pocket. As far as SCBA mask, I hook it on a small carabiner(key chain size) that is clipped to the same strap that holds my right angle flash light on the left front of my coat. I use the SCBA mask bag to carry extra gloves, an extra hood, extra door chocks, and a towel. I leave this bag on the apparatus.

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    I keep my gloves in my right thigh pocket on my pants, mask gets clipped into the regulator at the beginning of shift.

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    popping your regulator into your mask and clipping it to your scba keeps it with you at all times, and (mostly) out of your way. as for the gloves, i made a glove strap out of a canopy tie and a carabiner, then clipped to my bunker pants. about $1.50 to make, and it keeps my pockets free to carry hand tools.

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