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    Default Private VS. Federal/State wildland fire agencies

    I'm getting my Firefighter II thru Firestorm (wildland fire suppression inc) and then possibly getting hired on after training for a falllback plan. At the same time my buddy who is hopefully getting promoted to squad boss for the Salmon River agency(hot shot crew N. CAL) is trying to get me on for this season. I think that I would really want to try for Salmon River, but I just wanted some input on these private co. Is it worth trying for Firestorm or should I try to rely on Salmon River. Thanks for the input.

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    Default ??????

    Your getting trained through a private company, and then trying to apply to a Shot crew?

    Like the Enthusiasm .....However Shots usally look for people with some experience.

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    I don't know much about private crews other then they are all over the place in region 6. I have worked with a few people who did the private thing and hated it, it sounds like they didn't make as much money, and they were asked to pay for their redcard if they chose not to stay?? If you can get on with Salmon River I say go for it! Good luck.

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    Hot Shot crews are able to hire on at most 20% of crew members with little or no fire experience, I admit its a stretch to get on with just the firefighter II cert but that is the basic requirement. The training through the private agency is NWCG training so it shouldn't matter. Ive been in contact with Firestorm and it seems more realistic to get hired on with them, but the main reason I am even trying for Salmon River is because my friend has worked for them for I believe 6 years and is fairly confident he can get me hired on. I really want this position and will do whatever it takes to get it, and I'm sure there are others just like me trying to get on a crew. Just have to play the waiting game now and keep on hitting the gym, once again thanks for the input.

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    So you are probably getting your training in Quincy at FRC I would assume or through Fire Storm in Chico? It is the only training point I know of for Firestorm. Firestorm 2 spends quite a bit of time on the Plumas N.F. I think pretty much all of the 2007/2008 seasons. My advice is look beyond crews to engines as well. The Fed has plenty of openings usually. I have 3 on my engine this year alone. If you have any questions or general procedure type stuff please feel free to PM me. I can give you some hints and tricks.
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