I wasn't sure where to look and I sure hope this is okay to ask in this forum. Seems like I may have not found a better place for someone to help steer me in the right direction.

I am the director/promoter for this years 4th Annual Mob in Mojave. The Mob in Mojave is a U.S.A.Cycling sanctioned mountain bike race http://www.usacycling.org/.
All 3 races are classified as gravity races. The disciplines are downhill, super downhill and dual slalom.

The E.M.T. we thought we had secured for this event can not make it, and we need 1 or 2 E.M.T.'s to volunteer at this event.

If someone could point me to the right forum, or knows of an E.M.T, Doctor, 1st responder, etc. that would be greatly appreciated. I know there are mountain bikers with these credentials that are as passionate about the sport as we are. This is turning out to be a high profile event with the best gravity racers in the country participating, at a very beautiful location.

Date: 2-14 & 2-15-09
Location: Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, Nevada (25 miles from Las Vegas)
Event Website: www.downhillmike.com
Event Contact: info@downhillmike.com

Downhill Mike