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    Smile Things to have? getting hired

    Hello my name is Cody and I am currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan, as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, I'm currently working in the emergency room, here In the hospital, my goal is to get onto a respectful fire department, I'm currently working on getting my AAS in fire science, when I get out I hope to get my Paramedic, what else can I do to make my self look as presentable as possible when it comes time to apply?

    Thank you all comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    The AAS in Fire Science helps, but in many places the National Registry Paramedic helps more! (That's almost a full year of school that the FD won't have to pay for you (and your backfill) while you attend. Clean military record is usually a big "plus". No tatoos that can be seen beyond a standard short sleave shirt is sometimes required, an usually helpful. Non-smoker sometimes rquired. Residency. Clean drivers license.

    Those are a few obvious traits/atributes that I can think of off the top of my head...

    Good luck, and Stay Safe!
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    cnewsom- Several thoughts.

    First- Youre on the right track being in the military. This will now be your platform to work off of. Remember to collect all of the positive things you got out of the service and build on it.

    Second- Take that foundation and build on it in three specific areas- Training, Experience and Education. Read below on how to stuff those 3 areas.

    Next- I tell this to a lot of Candidates. Every FD, state and region is different. First find out where you want to work and live, then focus on specificlly on that area or department. What are the min. quals. and certifications they want? One size does not fit all.

    Next- There are so many avenues to go. I could give you advice all day about various websites, starting points, etc.

    Please think about what I first said and get back to me in a PM. I would love to chat with you on the phone to give you a loose road map.

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    In my neck of the woods, being a Vet and a medic will get you a job. Just keep in mind though that the economic times are tough and it might take some patience to get on. Ride a private ambulance till you get on. They are always hiring and it will give you great experience and confidence. Just a thought from an old Boats.

    Good luck, stay safe, and thanks for your service.

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    Default Base Education Office

    You might want to consider going to your base fire department and asking them to help you enroll in CDC firefighting courses through your base education office. Start with HazMat Awareness/Ops and then firefighter I and II. The training officer at the FD will know how to do this for you and SHOULD help you with the hands-on portions as well. It's free for you right now and the certificates will be IFSAC so will possibly be transferable depending on what state you wish to live in after you leave the military. Being an HM in the ED I assume you have your NREMT already, if not then get it while you can for free and any other advanced courses you can (ACLS, PALS, whatever the base hospital offers). IMHO this would be a good start and lay some bricks for the road to getting a "respectable fire department".

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    Everyone has great advice above.

    Spotless criminal record. If you have a criminal record, it will greatly reduce your chances. I'm not saying you will never get hired, never say never.

    Like Bou said, figure out where you want to live and work and find out their requirements. no sense getting a state certification from someplace and the place you want to go won't recognize it. Getting expeirence in an ER, private ambulance, or volunteer department will greatly help too. Gives you a good mix of book smarts and street smarts. Education, education, education.

    Oh, and thanks for serving too. Good luck. You can PM me too anytime.
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