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    Exclamation Mask Confidence Course

    Mask Confidence is becoming more and more used by departments in my area. I discovered a few cool videos on FirefightingTactics.com that showed different courses departments built for their members.
    FirefightingTactics.com also showed some videos of courses that ended in a MayDay!

    My question to members here is; did your department build their own mask confidence course?

    If yes, could you explain the most important part of the course that is most realistic and challenging for your department to do. Also, what did you use to build it and how much (approximately) did it cost?

    If no, maybe you have been through them and can tell me what you thought was most challenging?

    We are looking to build one, that gives our department several scenarios.

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    We built ours for I believe less than $300. And the whole thing can be loaded into a trailer and taken where ever you need it. Ours consists of two low clearance tunnels 2x2x8. a wall simulator with 18" on center stud spacing, that everyone must pass through, a ceiling joist simulator basically a 4x8 box built out of 2x6s with 24" spacing that members must crawl over. And finally a set of 4 saw horses that members must step over. These obstacles are arranged in a circle and members continue through the course until they run out of air. We have also recently started running a fog machine to add to the realism, since most fog machine smoke stays low it allows for limited visability for the participents while allowing the instructors full visability of the students.
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