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    Default What type of Academy does your dept. use?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to the board, been a member for a few months but this is my first post. A little info about myself: Im 27, live in Tucson AZ, currently certified FFII, EMT-B currently finishing up my A.A.S. in Fire Science while hoping to get on a local department.

    Im currently in my (hopefully) last semester and I am working on my final research paper. The paper is for a Current issues in fire science class, and should be on something that is relevant, interesting to you, and related to the fire industry.

    Im thinking I would like to write my research paper on the pros and cons of a "Green" Academy (no certs required, anyone can apply, and all EMT/FF certs are included in the academy), vs a transitional academy (usually FF1 & 2, EMT or Paramedic required).

    I'm curious as to why departments choose one over the other. It seems to me transitional academies would benefit the department financially, as the recruit would have gotten their certs on their own dime, and the academies are generally much shorter, but it seems many departments hire from the general public and I would like to find out why.

    So I guess what Im looking for is others opinions, or facts if you have any about this topic, and and maybe some questions you would ask to department officials, since I will probably be looking to do some sort of survey.

    Keep in mind I am still in the very early stages of this project and am more or less just putting out feelers to see if this topic has any chance of becoming a research paper.

    Thanks in Advance

    Jason Lowe

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    Default both

    My dept (Houston FD) does both kinds. I went through the full academy (EMT and fire), but they also do a Fast Track academy for people who already have fire and EMT certs. It makes sense to me, you can hire whoever you want and if they already have their certs, you don't waste time and money fully retraining them.

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    I know my current department looked into running an academy that required everyone to have their FF II. Human Resources rejected the ideal. While it would potentially have the city money, it was thought that this would prevent minorities from applying. When HR looked at the recent applicant pool without FF II certification, 90% of hose applicants were white males. It was also found that the applicants with FF II certificaiton were 99% white males. Out of 560 applicants, approximately 200 white males had their FF II and only 2 minorities had their FF II certification.

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