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    Can someone tell me how small of a building needs pre-planning.
    Our department wants to pre-plan every building in the city.
    I'm questioning the need to pre-plan the concession stands and the restroom buildings at the city park

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    One of my departments goals for this year is pre-planning. We didn't got to the extent of planning concession stands and rest-rooms, but when we made a list of all buildings and areas that needed pre-plans, the list got very long very quick.

    I would say that the size of the building is not necessarily the key, but what the building contains. A shed may need to be pre-planned just to indicate that it contains hazardous materials, where a 2000 sqft ordinary construction building with minimal occupancy and fireload may not need to be pre-planned if there is nothing "special" about the building. In other words, if your SOPs will handle the situation and there are no special hazards, no need to pre-plan.

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