Hey guys hope everyone is doing well and stayin safe. I am on a fairly rural fire department that does not run a ton of calls. I am posting this thread because i need LOTS of feed back on preplans. We had an old chief that was not much on changing and would not conform to the new fire service and was in the "good old boy days". I need anything and everything on preplans, from what books are good to have to the best way they should be done and stored. We are tryin to get out ISO rating down and this is one of the major areas we need to start at. Like i said anything is greatly appreciated from web sites to forms or layouts on how they should be done.

Also please let me know what works best for you guys. We do not have a lot of major business but we have plenty we need to preplan. This includes a few dozens churches, few business and a fairly busy airport. I appreciate it tons guys

Stay safe