Hey guys,

My name is John Hartman, I live in west palm beach, Fl. I am 26 and have always wanted to become a firefighter. I am finally at a point in my life where I am ready to take the steps to make it happen. I know that palm beach county is not the best place to start but you got to start some where i figure. I will be enrolling in EMT classes in the summer and then firefighter academy in the fall follower by paramedic school. Figured this would be a good forum to get on and hopefully get some good advice tips and so on. I have begun this journey by hitting the gym getting back into shape and hitting the books learning all that I can when it comes to the test required by florida to become a EMT, Firefighter, Paramedic. Along with the required test to even get into the training programs. So any advice offered up is as always appreciated. And hopefully I can learn from you guys on here.