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    Default Confused in Fort Worth, Tx!

    Hello all! I have been lurking around for the past few months trying to get some info. I've always wanted to be a firefighter and am now at a point in my life where I can pursue it. I'm lucky that my wife has law enforcement and firefighters in her family and friends and I work with a retired fire chief. Now that being said, I'm getting a lot of mixed information from said family friends and chief.

    I'm looking to get on at the FWFD or the surrounding suburbs, and I've got 6 different people, giving me 6 different suggestions on what to do. Some say get my EMT-B then start applying, some say get my EMT-B, then go to paramedic school then start applying, and the rest saying get my EMT-B, go to paramedic school and ride an ambulance for a few years then start applying. Really confused about what I should do here!

    I'm really anxious to get going, I've gotta get caught up on some immunizations and am looking to start T.C.C. in the fall, if I need to that is.
    Any information at all would be helpfull.

    Thank you to those that reply

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    First off get your EMT-B. It's harder than fire school and you have to have it to be a certified FF in Texas, period.

    Talk to other FFs in your classes and in the area. Most of all, look at the different cities you want to work for. Find out who has what you want. Do you want to be a paramedic? Do you want to ride the box? Do you want to do busy work from 8-5 during your 24 hour shift? A unionized department? A Ch 143 Civil Service department? Those questions seem futile now but 5-10 years into your career they'll make a difference.

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