Hi all. Well I guess I should start with the basics, my name is Evan I am 19 years old, and hoping to become a firefighter. I started out after high school by attending Michigan State Univeristy, where I was for a year when I finally came to the conclusion that being a firefighter was what I really wanted to do. So I moved home and am currently attending my local community college and hoping to receive my associates degree in fire science. Also, I am from a suburb of Chicago. I have been reading these forums for a long time but have just signed up. So a lot of you have already helped me out without even knowing it. Ha.

Now onto that question I have. I am currently taking my intro to fire science, EMT-B, and a speech class (they say you have to be a well rounded student to get a degree, but I guess speech is helpful regardless). This past Saturday I had a freak accident and fractured my ankle in a couple places. Which leads to my main question. I am considering dropping the EMT-B course and retaking it over the summer. Not only are you only allowed to miss 3 classes before you are booted, and I am not sure how many I will have to miss if I need surgery or not (hopefully not), and also it is a very demanding class, and I am not sure if doing it over the summer when all my attention will be focused on the class is best or not? I am just looking for some general help with this. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long probably unnecessary stories.