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    Default Longview, WA?

    I'll be interviewing for Longview, WA next month. Has anyone been through the hiring process in Longview? Are the interview questions situational, direct, or a combination?

    Any other information that will be helpful?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I had an oral board last week with Cowlitz Fire and Rescue 2 and I think that might be part of Longview. You would think I should have known that but anyway, a really nice guy from Longview was on the panel and all the guys were great. They really made me feel at ease. It was ten questions that really ran the board. Some were pretty standard and some were new.

    Nothing that really put me back on my heels like my last board. I wish you luck. I think I worked myself up from my past experience and ended up being a little tense for no real reason. I think I was pretty nervous because my last oral board was off the charts on the situational, odd ball, lead you into the second guessing type questions and the board was very rigid. No handshakes, no smiles, no nothing. Let me know how it goes.

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