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    Default looking for fire fighting 1 classes near newtown/monroe.

    i applied about a month ago at the botsford fire department and i got voted in tonight, i really want to get the ball rolling on everything and i am interested in finding out whens the next fire fighting 1 training starts? i'm hoping i can find classes close to newtown because my budget is tight right now but i'm willing to drive a bit for a few months to get this done with.

    also interested in finding emt classes.

    thanks in advance.

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    As a new member, your best resources are your fellow firefighters and line officers, most importantly the officer in charge of training. I would go through them to find a Fire 1 course, as they get updated info from the Regional fire school as to upcoming classes. Your department may have requirements for sending you to a class for example, length of service etc. because it costs them a lot of money to put a recruit through fire training with gear and all.

    As for the EMT classes...http://www.ct.gov/dph/lib/dph/course_list_022309.pdf Danbury Hospital usually runs regular classes and their info can be found by visiting the ETR Website through Danbury Hospital. Also further information may be available by contacting Newtown Ambulance in person...

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