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    Off-Duty Maryland Firefighter Rescues Drowning Man

    Posted: 02-02-2009
    Updated: 02-02-2009 03:49:54 PM

    BATTALION CHIEF MATTHEW TOBIA, Anne Arundel County Fire Department

    Prince George's County Fire/EMS

    MILLERSVILLE, Md. -- An off-duty career firefighter from the Prince Georges County Fire and EMS Department is being hailed as a hero today after assisting in the rescue of a drowning man in the early morning hours of Sunday February 1, 2009.

    At approximately 1 a.m., Anne Arundel County firefighters were called to #48 South River Road in the Edgewater section of the County for a report of a man in the water. When crews arrived on location they found a 61 year old male victim who had apparently fallen into the frigid waters of the South River.

    According to witnesses, the disabled man had fallen into the water after losing his balance. A bystander attempted to rescue the man by grabbing him and guiding him to a nearby piling. A second witness ran to a nearby restaurant and alerted patrons to the situation.

    9-1-1 was called and the off-duty firefighter, identified as Rachel Edney, ran to the end of the pier. Observing that the man was unable to rescue himself, FF Edney jumped into the water.

    Firefighter Edney was able to rescue the man by assisting him to the swim platform of a boat that was moored at the end of the pier. Other civilians then boarded the vessel and assisted the man onto the pier where he was cared for by firefighters and paramedics from the County Fire Department.

    The victim was transported to the University Of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in critical condition for a near-drowning episode by paramedic ambulance.

    The off-duty firefighter, who was not injured, returned to the restaurant and called friends to bring her dry clothing. She was evaluated by firefighters but did not require treatment or transport.

    "This is an incredible success story," Fire Chief John Robert Ray said upon learning of the incident. "Rachel clearly risked her life to save the life of another person without any regard for her own safety. I have conveyed my sincere thanks to Chief Sedgwick of Prince Georges County and asked him to extend our appreciation for the actions of his firefighter. Personnel at the scene have conveyed that were it not for Rachel's actions, the outcome could have been dramatically and tragically different."

    This is the first water rescue incident of 2009. Cold water immersion is an extremely serious emergency and civilians are cautioned against entering water or ice to save a victim. Civilians should call 9-1-1 promptly and maintain a visual sighting of the last known location of a victim but should never enter the water without appropriate personal protective equipment including PFD's, cold water exposure gear, and a retrieval line.

    WELL DONE to you FF Edney!

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    Great job!!!!!
    These opinions are mine and do not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with.

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    It is, indeed, a great job.

    But it begs the question...

    Disabled male, 1 AM, outside a restaurant, lost his balance...


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    From NBC4 news:

    Local Heroine Saves Man from Icy Waters

    Despite her small stature, the off-duty firefighter pulled drowning man to safety.


    Updated 11:47 PM EST, Mon, Feb 2, 2009

    Despite her small frame, Rachel Edney didn't hesitate to jump into the South River early Sunday morning to save a man who had fallen in.

    When Rachel Edney left her home Saturday night, she wasn't planning on doing anything heroic. The off-duty Prince George's County firefighter headed to the Riptides Restaurant near the Pier 7 Marina outside Edgewater, Maryland for a night out with friends.

    Around 1:00 a.m., cries for help from a woman near the dock sent Edney and her friends running to the water.

    60-year-old Charlie Tesch had fallen into the icy waters of the South River.

    Tesch, who has a prosthetic leg, was walking on the dock with his wife and the dockmaster, when he lost his balance and fell.

    The dockmaster tried to help, but Tesch began to sink, and was losing consciousness.

    "At that point, I was essentially gone," Tesch told News 4.

    That's when Edney arrived. Without hesitation, she jumped into the water and pulled Tesch above the surface.

    "All I could see were his hands, because he was under the water and his hands were holding onto the piling. I got in the water, and put my legs around him, and got him above the water and brought him over," Edney said.

    Tesch, who lives on a boat with his wife, says Edney's heroic actions confirm sentiments he has always felt about marinas and the people there.

    "There's not anyone here who wouldn't help me with problems I might have, and I'd try to help with problems they might have," he said.

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    Great job!
    I am now a past chief and the views, opinions, and comments are mine and mine alone. I do not speak for any department or in any official capacity. Although, they would be smart to listen to me.

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    Thumbs up Yes!...........

    Absolutely. Several things about this: Rachel Started her career as a Volunteer at the Bowie VFD, then was hired by the County. She is currently assigned to Co. 5, Capitol Heights. Outstanding Young Person, and we're very proud of her. The gentleman who was out on a Dock at that hour lived in a Houseboat there. The Weather "Ups and Downs" that we've been having are unreal. An Ice Storm on Thursday and Sunny with Temps in the 60's, looking for 70 on Sunday. It sounds like the victim may have slipped on wet wood or ice. Adding to everything else, he had an Artificial Limb that impaired his ability to get around. I know the neighborhood where he fell in, it's only a couple of miles East of me. That stretch of River had Ice on it earlier in the week, and if he'd fallen on the ice and broke thru, he'd been gone for good..
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    Tip of the hat to Rachel Edney......

    Top notch sister, Great job!!
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