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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainGonzo View Post
    Didn't DC Comics have a Superman series about an alternate universe called Bizzaro World? It sounds like it fits Looziana to a T!
    There for a while, Texas ran tourism ads with the slogan "it's like a whole other country" or something similar... Louisiana probably has a more rightful claim to the slogan.

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    How is the burn your property law affected when the property is financed by a bank or other financial institution? Does the bank own the property or the person?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasper45 View Post
    Seems to me there is only one still squawking. And no, I'm not "clowning" you out, you did that to yourself.
    Not really when YOU guys keep bringing it back up. See post #67. Let it go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cozmosis View Post

    I'll admit that LaFireEducator says a lot of flaky things on these boards... However, unless you've spent any considerable amount of time in Louisiana (a trip to Mardi Gras does not count), it's hard to understand how different that state is. There is a completely different mindset about a lot of things -- different even from neighboring states. None of what he has said sounds too far off the mark for me (I lived in LA for four years).
    If everyone would read that post then this discussion would die. Very simple concept people.

    BUT, no matter how much you tell someone, some people refuse to believe there is any way to do things except thier own, and that they are always 100% right. Get over yourselves already.
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