Ok, so ive been looking into becoming a firefighter for awhile and have finally made some steps towards that goal! Starting EMT at CFCC in may and will be done in august. Hopefully will get into fire college in sept of this year. Im very excited, but still seem sort of in the dark on some things, would be very appreciative of any advice or help! thanks! (I'm also located in the marion county/ocala area)
[Just some ? i have]
1) do firefighters get paid for 72 hours or 40 hours? or how does it even work?
2) should you apply at your local fire dept before you start firefighter training? if you dont get hired during training, what is the approx length of time it takes to get hired?
4) Does anyone know the starting salary for a marion county firefighter/Emt?
5) Will the fire dept help with paying for the schooling at all?

Thank you!!!!!