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    Default fire exam study guide

    I have took a few test and have scored well. but i cannot seem to find study material for the sections that deal with housing layouts and shapes. by that i mean the test gives you different shapes that have numbered sides and they match the numbers and you have to pick the set that is correct. and as far as the house questions go, there is a picture of a first person vie looking out the window standing about in the middle of the room and the choices are pictures of what the outside would look like. anyone know what im talking about?

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    I think I know what your talking about. The exams I have taken have a picture of the front of a building and they ask what it would look like from a birds eye view.

    Also they have a picture of the front of a building and they ask what it would look like if you were standing inside looking out.

    For these, dont think too hard. Just imagine yourself in the place they are asking you to be at (birds eye view, or inside view...). Eliminate one choice at a time by noticing small details. You can usually eliminate 2 of the answer choices right away...."windows on wrong side." Think opposite of what you see for the front vs. inside views. For the others, just keep on practicing with exam books from the local library. You can usually find them there.

    good luck

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