Hey guys and gals I am in some need of assistance. I am building a media productions company, specializing in Fire/EMS/Law. Doing Recruitment, Training, and Memorial/Retirement Videos (Etc.) I am in need of some Videos, Pics, Audio (radio traffic, dispatch statements, Etc.) to put together a few Promo videos for our website. if I use your pic I`ll credit you and your dept. and I will send you a "hard Copy" of the video (DVD) this will be free of charge. here's what I need and would like;

Pics need to be in standard format (Jpeg, tiff, etc.)

Audio needs to be Mp3 or WAV

Video needs to be in a standard format too even though I can convert it the less work the better (Mpeg, AVI, WMV, etc.)

Please send questions/pics/etc to hthproductions@ymail.com
if you give me something please send me your Name (first and last) , Agency, Town/City/State, call type, and anything else you think I might need or want to know!! if I don`t use what you send I will NOT use it for any other reason. Thanks in advance

- Chris Howard
Co-owner, Career Firefighter/EMT
Hotter Than Hell Productions
Email: hthproductions@ymail.com

!!MOST IMPORTANTLY!! Due to copyright stuff YOU (the sender) must own ALL rights to pics, and video. Radio traffic is a little diff. because it becomes public after dept. releases it. keep in mind Dept. Name may be displayed to the public via our website so if you don`t have permission to display dept. name and info in public let me know when you send me the stuff and I can leave it out of the video I will not leave off donators name because if I do get contacted from your dept, town etc. your name will be the one I give to complaints. Ok enough of that disclaimer stuff. if you have any more questions about that stuff just email me and ask.