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    I am 20 years old and have been working for a year now as a firefighter/EMT for a city department. I have IFSAC Certifications in FF1/2, Hazmat Awareness/Operations, EMT-B IV, DO Utility, S-130/190, etc. I am also working towards my AA Degree in Fire Science Technology and will be complete with it in about 6 months.

    I am very interested in becoming a firefighter in the Air Force. I went to a recruiter recently and told him I wanted to join the Air Force but only wanted to do firefighting, because otherwise all my previous experience would go to waste. The recruiter said I could write down 5 jobs at MEPS but that he would not guarantee me a job in firefighting in the Air Force.

    I have read numerous posts here on firehouse about how you can get a guaranteed job in FF in the Air Force if you find the right recruiter who is willing to work with you. I have also talked with many retired and active Air Force members who said I could get a guaranteed job as well. I don't mind if I have to wait 1 year to get this job so the DEP program would not be a problem with me.

    My question is could anyone give me advice as to how to go about this. Possibly if you were in the same position, what did you do? Or what recruiter did you speak with? I would greatly appreciate any advice on the subject.

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    Default Air Force Firefighting

    I am in the air force and wanted to join for firefighting but my recruiter said it isn't a for sure thing. the recruiters say that because it takes a while for a slot to open up for firefighting and you will be waiting. tell your recruiter you will ony join with a ff contract and he will take care of you. don't let them kid you, every job has openings it just takes time. your first visit to meps is where you pick your job and thats where they will try and trick you. just say you have no problem with waiting for an opening.

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    i dunno if you can get guaranteed jobs anymore. its guaranteed if its in your contract.

    i got a guarantee firefighter spot BEFORE all the foreshaping happened and they cut 40k airmen. ill tell you the same thing everyone else says... call his bluff (if he is bluffing). recruiters need to fill certain career fields, and fire protection is not in demand. many bases are falling to all civilian departments. if he tells you he cant do it, then tell him "thank you kind sir" and be on your way. depending where you live, there could be several recruiters within a metro area. search around. you can get a reserve firefighter spot if there are reserve vacancies at whatever base you want to reserve at. anything else you can PM me.

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    I went to meps in November of 2008 and they guaranteed me a firefighting position. I didn't have to fill out 5 jobs as a back up all i had to do was show them my certificates and everything was square. My recruiter told me that it would be guaranteed. I think the recruiter you saw is pulling your leg. I am from Florida and I don't think it would be different from state to state. If you have any other questions let me know and i'll try and help.

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    I dont mind having to wait to get the FF job. Thats not an issue at all for me. It's just my recruiter. I have told him I will only join for firefighting and he just says not possible. Should i just go to MEPS and talk to the people there about getting a FF job in writing for contract? Or do I need my local recruiter for help? It was my understanding that the recruiters have no control over the guaranteed job contract, so does it just make sense to go to MEPS and talk to the people there?

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