Hello i am 19 years old, and almost 20 within the month, My question is pretty simple yet i been thinking it over for sometime.
I would love more then anything to become a civilian firefighter, I need education yes i understand that, And i know college is definitely the answer, But what about The Air force?
I have a friend who was working two jobs during high school, normal guy played video games all day, i ran into him about a year ago at my work.. he was already a firefighter 2 - Educate me on that ))
Well he said he took his classes a few of them went to the local fire station and talked to everyone and he's already an official firefighter? odd i don't understand that one, I'll ask him in a bit.
but my question is the Air force worth it don't get me wrong i would love to serve this country, but I want to chase my goal to become a civilian firefighter in the 4 years to come, and work at a station with that "brother-hood" value.
If i am joining the air force mainly for the firefighting, aren't my chances small?. or should i take the other route and do community college and complete my fire science training and try the best with that, I really don't mind being deployed but at the same time, I'm not to sure, I don't mind taking orders but I would be eager to want to leave .

I'm not sure where to start, a recruiter will lie i know, i need it down on paper, what should i ask tell them - that i want to be a firefighter in the air force and that's that?
i know also i can go to school while in the air force, I am not educated at all with the military so i am hesitant to go..because I would get screwed over I can assume, But i need to know what should i do and whats my best options?
people who have had experience as a college student and going into the academy and air force guys anything will help! thank you so much!